jt goray


recruited : 2002.01

equipment : fender stratocaster, bogner shiva, various pedals (carl martin deLayla, boss phaser).

influences : um... music and stuff.



recruited : 2002.01

equipment : audiotechnica mic, traynor pa, shroeder orange juice, american spirit cigarettes.

influences : Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Love and Rockets, The Doors, The Clash



recruited : 2002.07

equipment : Music Man Sabre fretless, Ibanez EDB-690, Roland GR-77B, AMP BH-420 head, Hartke 2x10 cabinet, SWR Henry The 8x8

influences : Rush, The Police, Trio Töykeät, Die Toten Hosen, and the usual dreck one listened to in the 80's. And a little bit o' Duran Duran, but he'd never admit it.



recruited : 2003.09

equipment : classified

influences : classified

Ground Crew

DC hit on Saddam's Palace

joy andreasen (of A happy haven massage therapy) - band masseuse. very. seriously. nice.

jon cazares - John's showed up to a couple of our gigs with some pretty serious video equipment. We've yet to do anything with the footage, but we will. We will.

reverend billy fisk - A founding member of Daisy Cutter, Billy left to pursue other projects like Indoctri-Nation, Ed Gein Fan Club, All Flesh, etc. Billy has also producing and engineering Daisy Cutter's first demo CD DCD-01 and kicks adam and jt in the butt time to time.

brash 1 - Brash was Daisy Cutter's original drummer and was with the band from May 2002 until April 2003. He contributed to writing Feather and Bone, Empire, Miles, Straight Down, and "48". He also performed on the bands first attempt at an EP, DC-EP-01. Rumors have been circulated regarding future collaboration, but it is uncertain at this time whether or not these are disinformation.

jamie - Jamie was Daisy Cutter's former lead guitarist. His last show was on July 11th, 2004. His MIA status has been changed to Located, and he has been successfully been processed to DELETED Discharged. He plans on returning to civilian life and spending more time with his friends and family.

calvin priester - Calvin has brought a hand-cam to a few of our gigs. We've yet to do anything with the footage, but we will. We will.

jen roth - Jen has the distinction of being Daisy Cutter's "number one" groupy. She also gets an honorable recognition for her efforts ensuring brash 1's attendance.

cole sarar - Photographer and all around cute person, cole took a number of pictures at the 4th Street Station on March 4th, 2003..

adam turman - Adam gets the credit for transforming Daisy Cutter's logo and mark from a crude sketch into what you see today.

missy "soccer mom" wyatt - Not only was missy one of Daisy Cutter's first fans, she also worked very hard schlepping equipment, supplying food, hauling lost band members around, taking pictures, and providing beer.